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5 Best Apology Flowers

5 Best Apology Flowers to Gift Your Special Someone

If you’re reading this article, chances are that you did something wrong and now your special someone is not talking to you. In such situations, don’t ever underestimate the power of flowers to mend broken hearts. Genuine apology and a bunch of fresh flowers will mean so much more to your significant other than a grand and meaningless gesture.

Did you know that some flowers naturally convey an unspoken apology? The following is a list of 5 apology flowers that will instantly bring a smile to your partner’s face.  

1.     Red & Pink Roses

Roses are capable of winning hearts regardless of what color they come in. They flawlessly help you express your emotions even when words fail.  But every color of roses conveys a specific type of apology:

Red Rose

You can never go wrong with classic red roses! They are essentially a global symbol of love. They make ideal apology flowers for female romantic partners. They indicate that you are passionately in love and are seeking a sincere apology.

Pink Rose

A pink rose has gratitude and appreciation written all over it. So are apologizing to your special someone for being ungrateful and unavailable, pink roses are the one for you. They will instantly bring a warm and lovely smile on your partner’s face.

2.     White Orchids

If you are not only apologetic but also regretful for the mistake you made, white orchids will make the best apology flowers. This is because orchids have long been associated with sincerity and devotion.  White orchids amplify this meaning because white color symbolizes agreement and peace. Just get a bouquet from the Lubbock flower shop and see how these delicate flowers relay the message of care and renewed commitment.

3.     Pink Carnations

Did you forget your anniversary again and upset your partner? Of course, it was an honest mistake but you need to make amends. Pink carnations radiate positive energy and optimism. They are the best flowers to opt for when offering an apology for forgotten engagements. The moment your partner gets a bouquet of pink carnations, they will be reminded of your fascination and promise of constant remembrance. 


4.     Lily of the Valley

Fights are common in every relationship. But sometimes if they get out of hand, one of the partners has to take the lead and apologize. Lilies are the best at wiping away discord and rejuvenating dying love. Their delicate and dainty appearance reflects how there is always a way across misunderstanding and every problem can be resolved if handled with care.

5.     White Tulips

Tulips are considered to be representative of new beginnings and rebirth in many cultures. These happy flowers are perfectly suited to be gifts in the early phases of your relationship or if you unintentionally ruined the mood of your special someone. Leave it to the tulips to inculcate happiness between your couple and revive hope for the future.

Get an Apology Flower Now!

Remember that making mistakes is not bad but not making up for them is! To get your significant other a perfect apology bouquet, contact Lubbock flower shop on (806)993-0078 let them handcraft your apology messages through their gorgeous flower collection.