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Best Flowers to add to a Get Well Soon Bouquet

Best Flowers to Add to a Get-Well-Soon Bouquet


It can be quite upsetting when a friend, family member, or loved one falls ill, not just for the person who is sick but also for those close to them. In such scenarios, taking fruits and flowers to them is a common practice. For many, it’s a way of displaying support and conveying good thoughts and good wishes. However, as common as it may be, many people do not actually know which flowers look best in a get well soon bouquet or what flowers are meant to go in such bouquets. In this blog post, we have listed all the flowers that symbolize health, cheerfulness, wellbeing, and strength so that instead of presenting just an eye-catching bouquet to your loved one, you give them a bouquet with flowers that are actually meaningful and thoughtful.


The flowers that top our list of get-well-soon flowers are daisies. Daises are colorful, vibrant, and an instant mood lifter. Their brightness and cheeriness make them the perfect flowers to have in a get well soon bouquet since they can instantly brighten up a dull room and make people happy.

You can choose your daisies from a wide range of colors; for instance, you can opt for the simple yet elegant white daisies that are known for their beauty. Alternatively, you can go for something brighter and more vibrant, such as Gerbera daisies.


The second flower species to feature on this list are Peonies. Peonies symbolize healing, health, and wellbeing, making them the perfect embodiment of hope and health. These flowers are at the peak of their bloom in springtime. Peonies can add a lot of good vibes and color to an otherwise dull and gloomy hospital room, and because not many people opt for these flowers for a get well bouquet due to their rarity, peonies also make a unique gift to give to someone who is ill, instantly making them feel special.

White Lilies

These flowers are known for their lush, full blooms, and large sizes. Their delicate and slender stalks further add to their beauty, making them an ideal get well soon flower species. White lilies come in many types, with each symbolizing a particular attribute. For example, stargazer lilies are always erect and leaning towards the sky, representing hope, grace, and health. Similarly, common white lilies are symbols of purity and chastity.

Lilies make the perfect get well soon bouquets because of their long lives. An average white lily bouquet lasts almost two weeks, which means that the recipient can enjoy their beauty and fragrance for two weeks while they are recovering.

White Roses

Though last on the list, they are in no way the least by any means. Instead, white roses are one of the most common flowers to feature in get-well-soon bouquets. The flower and its crisp white color signify hope, purity, and respect. So, when white roses are given to an ill person, they are a representation of the well-wisher’s good wishes, prayers, and respect.


These are all the flowers that, as florists, we think will look best in a get-well-soon bouquet. To order your peonies, daisies, white lilies, or roses, contact All Flowered Up Too today. We will ensure that your loved ones receive their flowers on time and in perfect condition. Moreover, you can choose your flowers from a range of different colors that our well-stocked flower shop offers.

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