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Most Beautiful Flowers for Mothers Day

Surprise Your Mother with the Most Beautiful Flowers

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, most of us are struggling with ways to truly express how much our mothers mean to us. Although it is incredibly hard to find the perfect gift that greatly encapsulates all our emotions, feelings, and sentiments that we hold for our mothers, a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers might just do the job.

Surprise your mother this Mother’s Day with the most breathtaking and exotic flowers that will surely steal her heart away.

Why flowers?’ one might ask.

Well, as they say, flowers are the language of love and are a true embodiment of all those feelings that otherwise cannot be said out loud.

Let your mother know how much you love her by gifting her some of these incredibly amazing flowers that hold great significance and meaning.


Technically, the word ‘orchid’ translates to ‘delicate beauty’ which makes it an ideal flower for Mother’s Day. Orchids are amazingly exotic, delicate and graceful flowers that greatly signify beauty, strength, and love. Tell your mother how much you love her, how much you admire her courage and bravado, and how beautiful she is inside out by giving her fresh, colorful orchids.

You can get your florist to prepare a combination of purple, red and green orchids beautifully wrapped in a bouquet. Purple orchids are a true symbol of admiration, respect and dignity, red ones represent eternal love and affection, and green orchids express well wishes, longevity and good health.


While you may not see these stunning flowers as frequently as roses and lilies, they are actually perfect for Mother’s Day. This flower is a symbol of strength and support which is the best way to tell your mother that you will always be by her side, through thick and thin. They also signify devotion through which you can tell her how important and valuable she is to you.

Alstroemeria flowers also come in a number of gorgeous colors like pink, orange, yellow, purple, red, and white. The best ones for your mom are purple Alstroemerias since they symbolize royalty, grace, and nobility, and red ones because they greatly express love and admiration.


These have to be the most fitting flowers for Mother’s Day since pink carnations particularly mean “a mother’s undying and eternal love.” In Japanese culture, red carnations are the most common flowers for Mother’s Day since they are an expression of real love and profound affection.

You can gift your mother a bouquet of different colored carnations that hold unique meanings and symbolism. White carnations signify purity and luck, while light red ones symbolize admiration through which you can let your mother know how much you look up to her and truly respect her for the person she is.  


If you are confused about the perfect flower arrangement for your mother, contact All Flowered Up Too where the florist will not only create the most beautiful flower bouquet for your mother, but also deliver it right at your doorstep!


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