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The Best Flowers for Your Special Someone

Express Your Love to a Special Someone with Gorgeous, Blooming Flowers

Did you know that Queen Victoria and Prince Albert used to exchange flowers as a way to express their love for each other and their families?

The symbolism of flowers as an expression of love, affection, admiration and warmth has long been used since ancient times. In fact, the lovers from the Victorian era used to have a full-fledged heartwarming conversation by only using flowers. Eventually, confessing your love and other heartfelt emotions to a special someone through flowers became a proper custom. Since then, flowers have been used a language of love to express all the sentiments you have in your heart for a loved one.

If you are also looking for ways to show your special someone how much you love them, perhaps it is time to call your local florist and get a beautiful bouquet of blooming flowers delivered to your loved one.

Flowers that Best Express Love

When it comes to showing love and affection, the first flower that comes to your mind is probably a red rose. While red roses are indeed a universal declaration of love, there are numerous other breathtaking flowers that capture the same sentiments in an even beautiful manner.


A bouquet of red carnations is the perfect way to say ‘I love you’ to your loved one since they are a true embodiment of admiration, fascination, and deeply found affection. Whether you are celebrating your wedding anniversary, your first date, or simply the existence of your relationship with your lover, carnations are the best way to go.


These are truly heavenly flowers that perfectly capture all your emotions and sentiments that you hold for the person you are really infatuated with. Perhaps, if you are in love with her smile or her inner beauty, gift a bouquet of lilies and tell her how incredible she is.


The list of flowers that symbolize love is obviously incomplete without the stunning and blossoming roses. These are the most popular choice of flowers when it comes to professing love because they are a true epitome of romantic love and affection. Gifting a bouquet of red roses is the perfect way to say those three magical words to the love of your life. You can even get a bouquet of multicolored roses because every shade and color of the rose carries deep significance and meaning.


Up your game of romance with a bouquet of stunning and fragrant orchids because they are one of the most romantic flowers out there that capture every essence of love you feel for your special someone. Orchids are one of the very few flowers that are available is almost every shade possible which makes them some of the rarest flowers out there. And according to the language of flowers, the rarer the flower, the deeper the love is. So, gift these exotic blooms to the person you love and tell them exactly how deep and profound your love for them is.


If you wish to surprise your special someone by leaving a gorgeous bouquet of flowers right on their doorstep, contact All Flowered Up Too this instant and wait for magic to happen!


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