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A Bouquet of Orchids and Dandelions

A Date Is Never Complete Without Orchids and Dandelions

It is a commonly held belief that roses are the most beautiful and the perfect flowers to give to your special someone on a date. While that is undeniably true, there is a huge variety of other stunning flowers out there. These flowers hold great significance and will add true beauty and love to your date.

Some of these incredible flowers include orchids and dandelions. They are utterly exquisite and will surely bring a huge smile on your loved one’s face. Both these flowers have a history of holding great value and meaning and have retained their significance over time.

Dandelions – the Summer Flower

These gorgeous flowers bring back memories of the spring and summer seasons with their stunning yellow color. Dandelions start off as breathtakingly beautiful yellow flowers, and the color yellow is a great symbol of happiness, peace, unity, and warmth.

This flower holds a very significant history where numerous cultures in the past associated the dandelion’s appearance with that of the sun. This association stemmed from the belief that the heat from the sun reflects on our personality and paves the way for our success, happiness, and satisfaction.

The gorgeous yellow color of this flower is very important here because it carries great symbolism and meaning. Dandelions represent true, strong love and a profound kind of longing to be with your loved one. This makes it a truly special flower to be given to a special someone on a date.

Orchids – the Flower of Grace and Beauty 

When preparing a bouquet of dandelions for your date, get your florist to also include a few strands of stunning orchids. Orchids are some of the most varied blooming flowers with over 100,000 varieties. Since ancient times, these beautiful flowers have been held in really high regard due to the immense significance and value they carry with them.

Orchids are typically used as a symbol of charm, love, beauty, thoughtfulness, and refinement. Different colors of this flower, however, represent different meanings and sentiments.

Just like red roses, red orchids are also a universal declaration of love, passion, and desire. They are absolutely perfect for Valentine’s Day or a dinner date with your loved one. Purple orchids represent deep admiration, affection, and respect that you hold for a special someone. Giving purple orchids to your date is a great way to tell them how much you admire them for who they are and the ever-increasing respect you have for them in your heart.

On the other hand, green orchids symbolize longevity, long life, and good health. You can use these flowers as a way to show the permanence of your relationship with your special one and how you feel it is bound to last forever.


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