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Easter 2019

Surprise Your Loved Ones This Easter with Beautiful Spring Flowers

April is best described as the month of color, breathtaking blossoming flowers, and the prettiest Easter baskets filled with brightly decorated eggs.

While Easter eggs are a must for most people as they truly mark the celebration of the oldest and one of the most important days of the Christian Church, there is no reason why you shouldn’t make use of the gorgeous spring flowers that Mother Nature brings you every April.

Surprise your loved ones this Easter with not just pretty Easter eggs but also a beautiful bouquet of roses, daisies, and tulips alongside gardenias.

Here are some of the most alluring and magnificent flowers you can give to your loved this Easter and simply bring a smile on their faces.


These flowers are some of the classic spring blooms and are often called the “harbingers of spring”. This is because tulips are one of the first few flowers to bloom and blossom into brightly-colored striking petals. Tulips are also associated with Easter because they have a unique bell-shaped flowering bulb that very much resembles an Easter egg.

A tulip best represents perfect love, but different colors of this flower carry their own distinct significance. A purple tulip is used to express royalty while a red tulip is a true indication of real, deep love.

White Easter Lilies

A white Easter lily has to be the exemplary Easter flower that is symbolic of hope, life, virtue, and purity. Their significance not only makes them the go-to Easter flowers but are the very characteristic of the spring season, too. This is because they symbolize life and new beginnings and that’s what the blossoming spring season is all about.


Although these aren’t as common as roses and daffodils, Azaleas are some of the most stunning spring and Easter flowers. These grow in a variety of spectacular colors including purple, lilac, red, salmon, white and pink.

The different colors represent varying meanings and symbolism, but the most relevant significance carried by Azaleas is “caring for the family and self” which makes them the perfect flowers for a lovely Easter celebration.


These are early spring flowers that are symbolic of new beginnings and rebirth. They are ideal spring flowers for an Easter celebratory affair because they are believed to bring forth positive things and also symbolize good fortune.

The bright yellow color of Daffodils particularly gives off Spring-vibes since the season is full of color and radiance.


Spring is undoubtedly the most beautiful of all the seasons especially because of the true natural beauty that is seen this season in the form of plush greenery and vivid, glowing flowers that are truly mesmerizing.

If anything, the beauty of spring is like the cherry on top of all the merry and joyous Easter celebrations!

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