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Perfect flowers for different occasions

Know What Flowers Are Perfect for Different Occasions

Flowers are the ideal gift option regardless of the occasion that you’re presenting them at. However, not all flowers can be gifted for every occasion. Every flower species has a special meaning behind it, and hence, different flowers or flower bouquets are given on different occasions. In this guide, we have listed numerous different flowers that are commonly available at standard florists and have detailed the occasions they are particularly meant for.

Daises are known to represent purity, chastity, and innocence, while they are also used as a symbol of new beginnings in some parts of the world. They make perfect gifts for housewarming parties and get well bouquets. The daisy also symbolizes loyalty and commitment. As such, these flowers are great for wedding anniversaries, friendship days, and any other occasion that allows you to show your love and commitment to someone else.



Lilies are usually used to exemplify refined beauty, making them the most popular flowers for wedding bouquets. The colors of a lily play a very important role here. White lilies represent modesty and virginity, orange lilies symbolize passion, and yellow lilies are given as a token of joy.


While orchids remain a popular symbol of fertility and children in China, they represent qualities such as charm, maturity, and femininity in other parts of the world. This is why they are mostly presented as gifts to females who are elegant, charming, and mature, making orchids an ideal gift for any occasion, but especially apt for birthdays and get well bouquets.  


Roses are perhaps the most commonly gifted flower species. There are more than 120 different types of roses that are commercially available around the world. One of the most common and widely known symbols of love, roses are a yearlong favorite at florists but become especially sought after during the month of February. This is because many people express their love to their loved ones with these floral representations of affection.

However, what many people are unaware of is that roses also depict feelings of devotion, loyalty, longing, and admiration, depending on their colors. White roses represent purity and chastity, whereas red ones depict love. Yellow roses are given as a token of friendship and gratitude, while black roses signify death or the end of a relationship.


Sunflowers are usually used to represent admiration and friendship. They are mostly given to friends and acquaintances.  


Tulips are especially popular in the spring months, which is when they are in full bloom. Tulips are usually associated with perfect love and depict elegance, grace, and charm. Due to their close association with these attributes, they make the perfect flowers to give to someone you want to express your love or gratitude to.

However, there is more to them than the attributes they are associated with. The color of a tulip is another very important factor. Each color is linked to an expression; for instance, red tulips are given to express deep affection, whereas white tulips are given as a sign of forgiveness. Similarly, purple tulips are associated with faithfulness and loyalty, while Zinnia tulips are given to express thoughts of companionship.


These are some of the commonly gifted flowers that have meanings that not many people may be aware of. Hopefully, the next time you buy flowers, you will know exactly what they symbolize, making your gift even more thoughtful. To get the best bouquets with the freshest of flowers, contact All Flowered Up Too today!