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5 Valentines Day Flowers that beat the rose

5 Valentine Day Flowers that Beat the Rose


A red rose is a classic valentine day flower. It is considered a symbol of love and beauty. For many years, it has been used to represent undying love and devotion. Maybe it’s time to change that.

This valentine’s day, don’t go for the old school almost boring rose. Here are 5 unique valentine day flowers to add flair to your expression of love.

1.     Red Carnations

 Carnations are beautiful, delicate flowers. After roses, they are quite a popular choice for Valentine’s Day flowers. The delicacy of the petals makes it an ideal choice for your lady love. 

Deep red carnation symbolizes deep affection, love and admiration. They last quite a while after being cut, making them ideal for such occasions. Who wouldn’t want to hold on to a sweet confession a little longer?

2.     Tulips

Not many people think about tulips when they think about Valentine Day, but, they definitely should. These seemingly simple flowers have the power to express so much more than a rose. During the Victorian era, Tulips symbolized the ultimate confession of love.

Red Tulips are a hard cut flower. And it continues to bloom for a long time when placed in water.

Legend has it that a Turkish Prince fell in love with a maiden. After the death of the maiden, the prince was so overwhelmed by his feelings for his lady love that he killed himself. It is said that a red tulip grew from each drop of his blood.  What better way to say ‘I love you’ than with a red tulip and the story of undying love the flower is associated with?

3.     Alstroemeria

Alstroemeria is commonly known as the Peruvian lily. These buds are a perfect addition to a bouquet for the occasion. Their beautiful pink petals perfectly compliment all red flowers.

The Peruvian lily is delicate yet long lasting. They represent devotion and are often used to symbolize undying love. If you want to make a grand gesture to your lady love, then these are an ideal choice for you. Their multiple blooms per stem provide a voluminous and extravagant look to the bouquet.

4.     Lilies

Lilies are commonly used to express devotion and purity. In China, lilies are often used as wedding flowers. In the Chinese culture they represent 100 years of love.

Red lilies specifically symbolize passion. To add a unique flair to your confession of love, you may want to opt for red lilies.

5.     Orchids

If you want to win some extra points, consider giving orchids as a gift to your beloved. These rare flowers are available in almost every shade and hue. They can represent the depth of your emotions. As they say – the rarer the flower, the stronger the feelings. If you want to go all out, then these exotic blooms are the flowers for you.

Roses are and forever will be the classic choice for confessions of love. They may be dated and common, but still work. When you’re looking for the perfect flower for you loved one next Valentine, think of All Flowered Up Too.