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Flowers with Negative Meanings

5 Flowers with the Most Shocking Meanings

Every time you see a red rose, you are likely to immediately think of love, affection and passion because that is what these flowers truly represent. Or when you smell the beautiful fragrance of fresh, white lilies around you, you might assume that a funeral was recently held somewhere.

These are a few of the many popular flowers with obvious meanings that are known to almost everyone. You can also expect to see these gorgeous flowers along with orchids, chrysanthemums, tulips and daises in most flower bouquets and floral arrangements.

Just like there are flowers like these with such profound meanings that you can gift to most people on various occasions, you would be surprised to know that there are also those kinds of flowers that you should never give to your loved ones! They hold really shocking meanings that can really ruin the receiver’s mood and can darken their day.

Find out what those flowers are along with their meanings so you can always steer clear of them.


You have probably never seen buttercups in any flower bouquet which makes sense because they symbolize ingratitude, childish behavior, and unfaithfulness. Although they are so beautiful to look at with their gorgeous bright yellow petals that remind you of the sun, but they carry dark meanings so you should never gift them to anyone.

Yellow Carnations

The color yellow is typically believed to be a happy, positive and cheerful color which is why sunflowers, for instance, emit such optimism and merriment. However, yellow carnations, even though they are also yellow, don’t represent the same kind of sentiment. Unlike other carnations, these should be avoided because disdain and rejection. While you can always keep them in your house or garden since they look so pretty, but never use them as gifts.

Orange Lilies

The meaning and symbolism behind orange lilies has always been a matter of debate because apparently, they carry both good and bad meanings. However, most people believe that these flowers represent feelings of hatred, pride and contempt, which is a great surprise considering how lilies overall are such gorgeous and heartwarming flowers.


A flower that is not very common, Petunias display feelings of deep resentment and anger. Despite their amazingly striking appearance, they take people by surprise because of their shocking underlying meanings. However, some colors of the petunia flower do hold positive and happy sentiments so you should be really careful when gifting a bouquet of petunias to a loved one!

Black Roses

Perhaps, this comes across as a major shock given how roses in general are such sough-after flowers, but black rose is certainly isn’t one of them! The color black is usually associated with death and mourning and that is also what these flowers represent. However, black roes do contain well-hidden appalling meanings of revenge, hatred and can also refer to the end of a career or a relationship. Therefore, they must be avoided at all costs.


It is almost unbelievable how something as beautiful and delicate as flowers could actually contain such negative symbolism. So, it is always best to make sure what each flower means before you gift it to a loved one! If you have any questions contact All Flowered Up Too and speak with one of our designers and they will put together the perfect arrangement for any occasion.