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Six Very Fragrant Flower

Six Very Fragrant Flowers That You Need to Get Your Loved Ones



Flowers are an all-time favorite for many people; they make the perfect present for every occasion, be it birthdays, weddings, housewarming parties, and even get-well-soon wishes. But what is it that makes them such an ideal gift choice? Their vibrant colors? Certainly. Their ability to cheer everyone up? Possibly. Their fragrance? Definitely!

In this blog, we at All Flowered Up Too have listed all the flowers that will make your bouquets fragrant and even more special.

1.     Gardenias

Gardenia flowers are treasured not just for their breathtaking appearance but also for their sweet fragrance. They can make any bouquet seem even more special with their sweet floral scent.  Gardenia flowers are known to be delicate but very easily available. Usually found in white, they complement almost any bouquet that they are added to. Another great plus point of these flowers is that they do not wither in dry, hot, or humid weather, so your bouquet can actually last a bit longer than you expect it to. 

2.     Daffodils

Certain types of daffodils are known for their bright colors and lush blooms, while others such as jonquil or narcissus are famous for their sweet-smelling scents instead. Daffodils are usually associated with bright seasons like spring and summer, and these seasons are also when they are in full bloom. So, if you are sending someone a bouquet and it happens to be during this time, you might as well add a few daffodils to your bouquet and make your present even better with these fresh smelling flowers.

3.     Heliotropes

Heliotropes not only fascinate people because of their subtle yet beautiful pink and purple colored flowers but also because of their ambrosial scents. The flowers are lush and full, surrounded by fresh green leaves, making them a beautiful addition to any floral arrangement. They are a particular favorite of florists who specialize in weddings and proposals since they have both the romantic elements in them – scent, and color.

4.     Roses

Roses require little to no introduction; they are a global symbol of love and beauty. In fact, they are the most popular choice for bouquets because of both their striking colors and their light, sweet scents. If you are planning to give a bouquet to any of your loved ones any time soon, opt for a rose bouquet. Not only is it pleasing to the eye, but it also brightens up the room it is kept in with its fresh fragrance.

5.     Ginger Blooms

Ginger blooms are yet another popular bouquet flower species. Their easy availability, beautiful colors, and sweet ambrosial scents make them an ideal flower choice for any bouquet and any occasion. Visit All Flowered Up Too florists today, and you might even find yourself a wide variety of ginger blooms from purple and white to other softer hues.


These are all the flowers that, according to us, are a must-have for every bouquet because of their sweet, aromatic scents. To have your bouquet made to perfection and delivered to you or the recipient’s doorstep, contact All Flowered Up Too florists today.