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Must have friendship bouquet flowers

Must-Have Flowers for Every Friendship Bouquet



It's not very often that we come across great friends – friends that we cherish for our entire lives. For that very same reason, we try our best to make them feel special, appreciated, and loved. Friendships are to be treasured in any way one can think of, and the best and most popular way that people chose to appreciate, celebrate, and strengthen their friendships is by exchanging flowers and friendship bouquets.

Although almost everyone knows what a friendship bouquet is, not many people know which flowers are meant to go in such a bouquet or what flowers actually symbolize and represent friendship. Therefore, we at All Flowered Up Too have decided to help people understand which flowers mean what by listing all the flowers that a friendship bouquet should have.

·        Alstroemeria

Generally known as the Peruvian Lily or Lily of the Incas, this flower is a stunning one with its vibrant colors and beautifully bloomed petals. The Alstroemeria signifies lasting friendship, making it the perfect flower and a must-have for every friendship bouquet.

Moreover, each of the six petals of an Alstroemeria flower symbolizes the personal qualities of humor and wit, understanding, patience, loyalty, compassion, and respect. So, if you are planning on surprising your friend with a bouquet anytime soon, be sure to add a flower or two of these beautiful, sunshine-yellow flowers and make your token of gratitude more special and meaningful.

·        Roses

Roses are known for their diverse meanings. Although popularly regarded as a symbol of love, the heart-shaped petals of a rose are also great symbols of gratitude, sincerity, and purity. As long as the rose is not red or pink, you can present it to anyone as a token of gratitude for any relation. For instance, white and yellow roses are the best choices for many when it comes to friendship bouquets.

·        Sweet pea

Sweet pea flowers are known for their delicate yet elegant appearance. Their sweet fragrance and subtle colors make them an ideal flower choice for a friendship bouquet. Add a few sweet pea flowers to a bouquet that you are planning to give to a friend and make them feel special. These flowers are a popular symbol of compassion, kindness, and gratitude, which means that they are perfect for any token of appreciation or a gift that shows that you’re thankful for someone’s friendship.

·        Delphinium

These flowers come from the Ranunculaceae family and are an instant mood lifter because of their colors and appearance. Gift them to a friend in the form of bouquet and express your love, gratitude, and sincerity to them with this perfect symbol of friendship.

·        Peony

Peonies are the perfect symbols of love, purity, loyalty, and appreciation. Make your friendship bouquet thoughtful and meaningful by adding peonies to it. Not only will they make the bouquet seem more vibrant, but they will also cheer up the room with their lively appearance and full blooms.

These are all the flowers that, according to us, are necessary elements in every friendship bouquet. To have your bouquet made to perfection and delivered to you or your recipient’s doorstep, contact All Flowered Up Too florists today.