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How to Honor the Deceased

The Best Way to Commemorate the Death of a Loved One

There is possibly nothing worse than losing a loved one. The depression, the heartbreak, and the anguish that come with it are certainly significant challenges that one must deal with on their own. It is even more difficult to communicate with someone who has lost a person close to them. You don’t know what to say to them in such grieving times and words truly fail you.

The best way to express your condolences and commemorate the death of the deceased is by sending a bouquet of flowers. Flowers are a true expression of thoughtfulness and can help you express all your feelings and emotions that words properly can’t. The beauty of flowers lies in the fact that they help bring comfort and splendor to such a sad occasion. You can either send a bouquet of sympathy flowers to the grieving family, or you can set up wreaths of funeral flowers to pay tribute to the deceased.

Fresh Cut Flowers

When choosing condolence flowers, it is best to go with fresh flowers because they truly encapsulate what the person meant to you and how much you care for them. Fresh flowers provide soothing and relaxing scents to the gloomy occasion and they also play a key role in bereavement services. The freshness of the flowers is also often taken as an indication that the departed soul is still alive in all your hearts and that their fragrance still lingers around you.

The Beauty of the Color White

One of the most common sympathy offerings sent to a bereavement ceremony is fresh, white blooming flowers. White is a truly beautiful color that is attached to the meanings of love, purity, innocence, and peace. It is often considered to be a symbol of perfection since it greatly symbolizes cleanliness, purity, holiness, and faith. White flowers make the prefect choice to honor and pay tribute to the departed. Be it white roses or white lilies, white flowers help one express sentiment of love, friendship, affection, support, and warmth.

·         White Orchids

A bouquet of beautiful and fragrant orchids represents elegance, beauty and innocence. White orchids, in particular, signify humility and reverence through which you can express the respect and admiration that you have in your heart one for your loved one who has departed from the world.

·         White Roses

Roses are utterly beautiful and versatile flowers and white roses are the best way to say “I am thinking of you.” They hold a certain kind of quiet beauty that has led to them being used as symbols of remembrance and commemoration. The death of a loved one calls for reverence and there is no better way to express it than a bouquet of beautiful white roses.

·         White Carnations

These are one of the oldest cultivated flowers that are strongly associated with innocence and purity. White carnations also symbolize good luck and can mean protection, strength, and healing. You can use these stunning flowers to extend your support to the grieving and inconsolable family and wish them great strength and power during such difficult and devastating times.


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