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Monthly Flowers

A Different Flower for Each Month

How often do you struggle with finding the perfect and the most beautiful gift for your loved one on their birthday? Even if you do end up getting your hands on THE gift, you probably find yourself looking for something more, something extra that will take your gift to a whole new level.

Well, did you know that there are birth flowers for each month of the calendar just like there are birthstones for every month? These special flowers have unique characteristics that define each individual born in that month.

Each flower for each month holds a special meaning and adds a personal touch to your gift.

Find out what flower is associated with each month and what every flower represents.


The birth flower for January is the beautiful Carnation which strongly represents feelings of love, distinction and fascination.


The birth flower for this month is Violet, which not only comes in stunning shades of purple but also white. Violets convey faithfulness and hope and also go on to show that your feelings will always be true. 


This month is the bearer of the spring season, so the flower for March is Daffodil. This beautiful flower signifies new beginnings, rebirth, friendship, respect happiness.


For a loved one’s birthday in April, surprise them with Daisies or Sweet Peas that greatly symbolize purity, eternal love and youth.


This month has a unique flower called Lily of the Valley. This flower depicts perfection, beauty, love, passion and deeply-found affection.


This month’s flower is the famous rose. Roses represent sweetness, chastity, and greatly send forth feelings of happiness.


July has been given the unique flower Larkspur, which has lovely colored hues and a refreshing fragrance. This flower denotes strong bonds of love and also happiness.


This month is best represented by the flower Gladiolus which carries very deep representations like strength of character, remembrance, honor, and moral integrity. 


The flower Aster is meant for August and it holds meanings like remembrance, patience and daintiness. It also conveys profound affection and emotional love for a loved one.


The flower of October is Marigold which is a true symbol of warmth. It further extends feelings of eternal devotion and love for a special someone.


Chrysanthemum is the birth flower of this month and it represents different meanings like friendship, companionship, joy, unrequited love and innocence.


This month is characterized by the flower Poinsettia, which represents success and feelings of goodwill. The flower also carries the message of “you are the special one”.


So what are you waiting for? Get your florist to prepare the perfect flower gift for your loved one. However, if you want to surprise your special someone and have the flower bouquet delivered to their doorstep, Lubbock Flower Delivery will be more than happy to do so and bring a smile on the recipient’s face!