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Mothers Day vs. Valentines Day

Mother's Day is a significant holiday for the flower industry, with its market worth rivaling Valentine's Day and Christmas. It is the most profitable holiday week for florists in the US. When people think of the floral industry, Valentine's Day is the first holiday that most consumers think is the most profitable as well as the busiest time for the floral industry. This is deceiving as the busiest and most profitable day is Valentine's Day as most consumers celebrate February 14th as opposed to the day before or the day after. This is one of the main differences between the two holidays.

 What is the difference between Mother's Day and Valentine's Day for florists? Since most consumers celebrate Valentine's Day on February 14th, it is the single busiest day of the year for any florist in the United States. Some consumers celebrate Valentine's Day the few days before or the few days after February 14th. Valentine's Day is the day of celebration to show your significant other how much they mean to you. Mother’s Day is the busiest holiday week for most florists in the United States. One of the main differences from Valentine’s Day is that Mother's Day is the celebration of your mother figure. Most consumers have several different "mother" figures in their life. Whether it be a biological mother, mother-in-law, a person you consider as your mother because they raised you or were there for you during your childhood. So, most consumers have more than one person to buy for during the Mother's Day holiday vs. only one significant other on Valentine's Day. The other major difference is that most consumers don't need their mother figure to receive their flowers or gifts on Mother's Day. Most flowers and gifts are received the week of or the days after the Sunday that Mother's Day is celebrated as long as the recipient receives a gift to be celebrated. This is why the week of Mother's Days is much busier for a florist than the Week of Valentine's Day. It is the most common misconception for holidays that include flower delivery.


Most people think flowers and candles are the most sent gifts for Mother's Day. However, greeting cards have been the top selling gift for this holiday. Greeting cards are a great way to express appreciation on this day and flowers come in the top 5 most sent gifts on this special holiday. Most florists are troubled with long lines in store, phones busy and tied up most of the business day and inundated with online orders for the whole week leading up to Mother's Day. So, order early or be patient as flower shops across the nation are extremely busy trying to take and fulfill orders for their customers.


Flowers do come with a shelf life and typically last 7-14 days depending on placement and type of the flower arrangement. Flowers typically come in two varieties: Vase or foam placement. Keeping your flowers in a cool place away from direct heat and sunlight will prolong their life. Changing out the water in a flower arrangement and trimming the stems prior to placing them in fresh water will also help the recipient enjoy these great smelling, visually appealing flowers even longer.

I hope that this has been an educational experience in the flower world. As always, All Flowered Up Too would love to be your preferred florist in the Lubbock area. We provide flower delivery 7 days a week to Lubbock and surrounding areas.

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