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The perfect prom corsage

How to Choose the Perfect Prom Corsage

Is your prom night approaching and you have no clue how to choose the perfect prom corsage? Well, you are not alone. Prom is one of the highly anticipated and memorable high school events. And you just can’t afford to go wrong when it comes to the most beloved prom traditions – the corsage.

Whether you’re on the lookout for a corsage for yourself or your date in Lubbock, it’s time that you stop stressing and start taking notes. Follow our step-by-step guide to get the corsage of your dreams!

Step 1: Research Latest Flower Trends

If you love to stay in sync with the latest fashion and trends, you should not skip this step. Wear your creative cap and start browsing through the internet to find out the different styles and designs that corsages come in. You may also go and survey the flower shops in Lubbock to get an idea of the wide variety of corsages available in the market. Then your final flower shop should be All Flowered Up Too to purchase your fresh flowers.

Step 2: Allocate a Budget

You should expect to pay around 10% of the dress’s cost when purchasing a corsage. The price of the corsage varies depending on the kind of style, customization, and flowers you choose. So allocating a budget before going to a florist in Lubbock will help you pick the best corsage design within your price range.

Step 3: Match the Dress

The perfect prom corsage is the one that beautifully matches or compliments the prom dress. You may take your dress to the florist to see which corsage design suits it best. If you’re buying a corsage for your date, ask her what her dress looks like beforehand. Consider unique color combinations and additional ornaments that accent the design of the dress. The best Lubbock flower shops give you the option to even customize the corsage according to your desire.

Step 4: Choose the Flowers

Even though flowers are refreshing and beautiful, not all flower varieties will suit your corsage. The flowers most commonly used in corsages are roses and orchids because they complement the energetic vibe of prom night. You can opt for any flowers that naturally blossom in hues, can easily be dyed or are textured. Classic white corsages with white-colored flowers are always the best bet when you can’t decide on any other color.

Step 5: Select a Type of Corsage

A wrong selection of corsage can ruin the entire prom look. So be vigilant when selecting from the following types of corsages:

·         Wrist corsages are worn on the wrist and are the most popular form of the corsage.

·         Pinned corsages are pinned to the outfit and convenient to carry around.

·         Handbag corsages are pinned to the handbag and are ideal for situations when the dress is too delicate.

·         Hair corsages can either be pinned to the hair or worn as flower crowns.

Don’t Forget to Place an Early Order!

If you think a corsage can be made overnight, you’re wrong. You should place an order for the corsage at least 2 weeks prior the prom night. This allows the florist to arrange your desired flowers and additional materials for the corsage. Keep in mind that prom season is the busiest for florists and they need ample time to complete the order.

Don’t waste time and visit All Flowered Up Too, your best Lubbock, TX flower shop to buy the perfect prom corsage right away!