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Why Are Roses So Special?

What Makes Roses So Special?

It is no secret that roses are the ultimate favorites when it comes to flowers. The beautiful blooms and a breathtaking scent effortlessly place roses in the category of luxurious flowers. But their physical appeal is not the only reason why roses are so special.

Continue reading to find out some of the most astonishing and lesser-known things about roses that have contributed to their well-deserved reputation.  

Roses Are Vintage

Did you know that there are around 150 different species of roses worldwide? The fossil evidence suggests that roses have existed for the last 35 million years. Garden cultivation of roses initiated in China around 5000 years ago and eventually resulted in the creation of thousands of rose varieties. They were extensively grown in the middle-east region during the Roman period but after the fall of the Roman Empire, a surge of demand came in 17th after which large scale commercial cultivation started.

Roses Have Various Uses

Roses have been historically used for many different purposes other than simply the expression of love. Roses are widely known to be used as:

·         Confetti during celebrations

·         Ingredients for medicines by extracting rosehip which has vitamin C properties

·         Sources of perfume

·         A war symbol during the popular ‘War of the Roses’ in the 19th Century

·         Units of barter or exchange and payments

·         Decorative pieces for palaces and rooms

·         Oils for bathing

·         Key cooking ingredients

Roses Are Historically Symbolic

Most of the present-day popularity of roses are derived from the connotations used for roses in literature, Greek mythologies, and even religion. The Greek legends narrate how the white rose first sprang during the birth of Aphrodite, the Goddess of Purity. The association of rose with love is also a concept passed on from myths that relate how the name of Eros, the God of Love, can be rearranged to form the word ‘rose’. In early Christian times, rose was often associated with the Virgin Mary’s virtue. Many traces of the importance of roses can also be found in classical literature and poetry in which the concept of ‘red rose’ symbolizing passion became even more prevalent.

Roses Convey Emotions

If you thought roses are only for the lover, then you are wrong. Each color of the rose conveys a different emotion. Some of the widely known colors and their associated meanings are:

·         Red roses convey deep emotions of love and desire

·         White roses are indicative of purity, spirituality, sympathy, and innocence

·         Yellow roses evoke feelings of happiness and warmth

·         Pink roses express admiration and gratitude

·         Orange roses signify pride, passion, and desire

·         Lavender roses suggest royalty, grandiose, splendor, and majesty

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