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Send Condolences to a Loved One in the Most Beautiful Manner


Seeing a loved one go through a tough time is certainly very painful to watch. It is even harder for the one suffering to be able to deal with the challenging circumstances and put on a brave face for the world. In times like these, all they want is your support; your love and perhaps, a little time and space to come to terms with their loss. 

Losing someone certainly puts one through great anguish, misery, and sorrow, and it can take quite a lot of time for some people to accept this harsh reality. In such times, you may also wish to extend your deepest, most heartfelt condolences and sympathy to the grieving soul. Sometime spoken words just don’t do justice.

Naturally, you might struggle with the most appropriate ways to send across your condolences and feelings of hope, optimism, and affection, and even pay tribute to the loved one lost.

One of the most heartwarming and beautiful ways you can do that is by sending flowers to the homes of the bereaved. The gift of flowers not only helps send a meaningful message but also adds great comfort and beauty to a sad occasion.


A basket of beautiful, white lilies is the perfect way to offer your commiserations since lilies are one of the commonly used funeral flowers. Lilies perfectly symbolize renewal, rebirth and the innocence that has been restored to the departed soul. The color white also signifies meanings of purity and youth which makes white lilies or white stargazer lilies the perfect condolence flowers.


These breathtaking flowers are truly characteristic of strength, moral integrity, sincerity, and spirit. By giving gladioli to someone who is grieving the loss of a loved one, you are basically fostering perseverance and endurance in them in order to help them recover from their loss, and you are also reminding them of how brave and tough they are. The gladiolus reminds them of their strength and character and effectively communicates your sympathy, compassion, and care in such difficult times.


White roses, like white lilies, carry true meanings of innocence, purity, and virtue. These stunning flowers have a subtle and quiet inner beauty that makes them an apt gesture of remembrance and commemoration. A bouquet of white rose also extends great empathy and consideration from your end, making them heartwarming funeral flowers.


The word “carnation” is believed to have come from ‘incarnation’ which is a Latin word referring to “God in the Flesh”. Keeping that meaning in mind, carnations make for great flowers to give to a grieving family as a way to honor a life that is basically a reflection of the spirit of Christ. Carnations also greatly symbolize feelings of love, compassion, and sympathy.


These flowers are often the most common choices for funeral services and in many countries; they are truly symbolic of death. White chrysanthemums represent grief, sorrow, and lamentation which make them ideal for you to pay tribute to the deceased and also express sympathy to the grieving family. 


You can get your local florist to prepare a beautiful funeral bouquet, or if you wish for it to be delivered right at the doorstep of the bereaved family, you can contact Lubbock Flower Delivery for a smooth and hassle-free service.

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