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Sympathy and Get Well Flowers

The Best Sympathy and Get Well Flowers to Give To Your Loved Ones

It is almost impossible for a person to be able to express their feelings and emotions with utter exactness to a loved one who is going through a tough time, other than through words. Let’s face it, even words fail you sometimes and you are left completely blank, trying to come up with the right words to express your sympathy and wishes of well-being to a sad or depressed loved one.

However, there is one beautiful way that can truly encapsulate your feelings and emotions, without you having to give words to them. That is none other than sending a floral gift to your loved ones and wishing them well in times of sickness and pain. 

When sympathy or funeral flowers need to be made, it is nice to know that All Flowered Up Too will be there when you need someone to help with your sympathy or funeral flower choices. 

Flowers are possibly one of Mother Nature’s biggest blessings that deliver the exact kind of sentiments that you wish to send across to the ones you love, wishing them health and happiness.

As stunning and breathtaking a flower arrangement looks, it is equally meaningful and valuable, putting forth powerful feelings and messages.

So, if you wish to express your sympathies or send get-well-soon wishes to someone in need, think of us to help you with your selections to send the right message you are trying to convey. All Flowered Up Too is an experienced master florist with pride and compassion.


Pretty and bright; daisies are one of the most apt flowers to give to someone when they are unwell or not in the best of health. Typically, daisies are small round white flowers with a yellow center; however, variants of this flower can be found in numerous other colors, like the gerbera daisies that often come in multiple colors including pink, purple, etc.

When gifting daisies to a friend, relative or a loved one, you are not only wishing them health and wellness but you are also brightening up their day and lifting their mood, thanks to the bright colors of these stunning flowers.


Typically, orchids are the perfect embodiment of the expression, “I love you” however; different colors signify different messages and emotions.

Green orchids best express blessings and good fortune and are a great way of showing someone that you care for them and wish them good health and longevity.

Pink orchids, along with their green siblings, make for the best sympathy flowers, for they genuinely express feelings of joy and happiness and perfectly deliver messages of wellness and sorrow on your part.

White Lilies

The stark whiteness of white lilies truly symbolizes purity and is often associated with Virgin Mary’s chastity and virtue.

However, the white color also represents hope and faith through which you can send across powerful messages of strength and optimism to someone who is not well or is going through a difficult phase in life. White lilies also make for appropriate funeral or sympathy flowers to give to a grieving family.

Yellow Daffodils  

Yellow is undeniably the color of joy, cheerfulness and lightheartedness. Yellow daffodils are likely to lighten up the mood of a loved one and bring them great encouragement and hope in times when they are unhappy, unwell or grieving for a departed soul.

This makes these flowers the perfect sympathy gift that not only show that you are sorry but also sends forth feelings of joyfulness and trust in the good times that are yet to come.


The perfect way to send these sympathy and get-well flowers to your loved one is by arranging them in a beautiful bouquet, flower basket or flower wreathe with the help of Lubbock Flower Delivery.

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