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The Language of Flowers

Every time you see a red rose, you automatically associate it with the emotion of love and affection, or perhaps, a white Lily probably always reminds you of a funeral because white lilies are commonly used as funeral flowers to pay tribute to the departed soul.

Have you ever wondered, though, how did flowers acquire all these meanings and their symbolic status?

Research states that the symbolic use of flowers had already begun before the 19th century; however, it was in the 19th century that Floriography (the language of flowers) had officially formalized. Flowers then became the greatest symbol to convey and express those messages that couldn’t be said out loud.

This symbolic use of flowers particularly heightened during the Romantic Era where nature started attracting people and was seen as eternal beauty, and it just made sense for people to express their heavy emotions through the use of flowers.

Throughout history, the meanings of different types of flowers and their colors also evolved and today, each flower has a different story to tell, and every color seems to be characterizing a particular feeling or emotion.

Below is a list of the most popular flowers with their meaning, symbolism, and significance.


These have always been used to symbolize purity and innocence. According to beliefs held by an old Celtic legend, every time an infant died, God would sprinkle beautiful daisies all over the earth in order to cheer the gloomy parents up. Innocence, in this case, also signifies new beginnings because children are seen as innocent beings and are our hope for a better day, and for new beginnings.

Daisies are also used to express true love for someone, not in a way that a red rose does, but this love is of a different kind that also helps you tell a loved one how much you care about them.


This gorgeous flower symbolizes the sun and even looks like the sun, in all its yellowness and bright presence. Some of the most common expressions associated with sunflowers are loyalty and adoration for a loved one. However, it has been used to convey different expressions across varying cultures.

The color yellow is usually considered to be a happy, bright color which is why a sunflower went on to symbolize happiness, friendship, intelligence, and vitality.


These were first cultivated in China some years ago and have been primarily used to express feelings of joy and beauty. Across different cultures and time periods, though, their meaning has significantly evolved, with different colors of the flower symbolizing different meanings.

For instance, a violet chrysanthemum is used to express get-well wishes to a loved one who is unwell while a red chrysanthemum indicates deep love and passion.


Tulips are stunningly pretty turban-like shaped flowers that commonly mean perfect love. This meaning stems from an old Persian and Turkish legend that talks about love between a man and a woman.

While a yellow tulip symbolizes cheerfulness, a pink tulip is an expression of confidence and happiness.


Flowers are undoubtedly one of nature’s best creations that can be used in various events and occasions to express a million emotions and feelings for a friend, relative, loved one, or even a stranger. Send a bouquet of beautiful orchids and roses to a dear one today with the help of Lubbock Flower Delivery!

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