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Top 5 flowers for a dinner party bouquet

Top 5 Flowers for a Dinner Party Gift Bouquet

The sweetest way to say thank you to someone for a lovely dinner is by giving them flowers. A lot of people stay away from brining flowers to a dinner party, as they can be an added hassle for an already overwhelmed host. However, you can always have them delivered later on. 

Here are top 5 flowers to add to your dinner party bouquet.

1.     Chrysanthemums

Mums are cheerful flowers. They represent gratitude and are ideal for saying thank you. You can either send a bunch of chrysanthemums by themselves or in a bouquet with additional flowers.

These flowers have a long history. In Japan they are known as Kiku, and were once the official seal of the emperor.  Every year, the Japanese celebrate National Chrysanthemum day, which is also known as the festival of happiness.

Victorians used this flower to symbolize friendship and well wishing. In China, they are gifted to elders as they represent good luck and good fortune in the home.

2.     Sweet Peas

Sweet Peas smell just as sweet as they look. These pretty little flowers say thank you for a wonderful time like none other. They can be gifted in a bouquet or just by themselves. These make the perfect gift to give to express appreciation.

3.     Sunflowers

These bright happy flowers are the ultimate mood lifting addition to any dinner party. Their presence incites an optimistic and positive atmosphere. They are known to induce joy and warmth making them ideal for a happy get together. You can even send them over to the host as a thank you for such a warm dinner.

4.     Roses

Once again, we have the all-purpose flower, the rose. You can never go wrong with a bouquet of roses. These sweet smelling flowers are available in a multitude of colors. You can opt for pink roses that symbolize admiration and friendship. You can even opt for peach-colored roses as they represent appreciation. Yellow roses are also a good choice as they represent joy and friendship.

If you can’t pick one color, opt for a dozen different roses instead. You cannot go wrong with this flower.

5.     Iris

The iris is another perfect thank you flower. They are available in 5 different solid colors. You can choose your friends favorite color and send them a dozen irises. In flower language you will have expressed appreciation.  Iris flowers are used to deliver compliments or to say ‘your friendship means so much to me’.

Dinner parties are fun and joyous occasions. The host usually goes through a lot of trouble to make them a success. The ideal gifts to get to a dinner party are either flowers or a bottle of wine. We say, if it’s a good bottle of wine, sure get it. But if you want to be thoughtful, then you should give them flowers instead.

There is no rule to flower giving. However, we suggest you go for specific thank you flowers like Iris and sweet peas. You can also opt for yellow flowers as they represent warmth and joy. To ease the process, many Lubbock florists offer delivery services.