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Tulips for Mothers Day

Warm Your Mother's Heart with a Gorgeous Bouquet of Tulips

With the spring season in full swing, you will see breathtakingly beautiful flowers bursting into a kaleidoscope of colors all around you. However, it is not just spring time. It is also time for one of the most awaited days when all of us struggle to find the perfect gift for our ever-courageous, hardworking, and tireless mothers.

If you haven’t guessed already, Mother’s Day is upon us and this is an opportunity for us to tell our mothers how much we love, respect, and admire them for the ultimate Wonder Women that they are.

They say nothing speaks the language of love better than flowers and rightly so. Flowers help you communicate those emotions, feelings and sentiments that you can’t give words to otherwise. Speaking of flowers, Tulips are an incredible spring choice and quite a popular flower for Mother’s Day. They come in great many colors, each of which carries its own unique meaning and significance.

Red Tulips

Just like red roses, red tulips are a true embodiment of real love, affection and admiration. They are excellent flowers to gift to your mother who you love you so much with all your heart. A gorgeous bouquet of striking red bouquet will help you express how much you adore and love your mother. This is exactly the kind of message you want to deliver to your mother on such a glorious day that is truly dedicated to her.

Pink Tulips

A pretty, pink tulip is a true symbol of affection and is ideal to give to your mother. The color pink is also associated with feminity, kindness, grace, and elegance. This is why it makes perfect sense to give a bouquet of fresh pink tulips to your mother and bring a smile on her face.

Yellow Tulips

The color yellow is always associated with freshness, brightness, and cheerful thoughts. Yellow tulips also hold similar symbolism and help one send positivity and feelings of optimism to a loved one’s way. They are the perfect way to tell your mother that happy and joyous times are on their way. These flowers also represent friendship through which you can tell your mother that you find a true and a real friend in her.

Purple Tulips

Purple tulips have long been attached to meanings of royalty and prosperity. Get a bouquet of purple tulips and let your mother know that she is your queen! Purple is also used as a way to admire a loved one for all their achievements and accomplishments so let your mother know that you are incredibly proud of her with the help of these flowers.

White Tulips                   

These tulips symbolize forgiveness and apology so if you need to tell your mom that you are sorry for something; white tulips are the best way to do it. You could also pair them with a box of chocolates to truly warm your mother’s heart.


The best way to surprise your mother is to get your local florist to prepare a gorgeous bouquet full of multicolored tulip flowers. If you wish to really catch her by surprise, contact All Flowered up to to get the most exotic tulip bouquet delivered right to your doorstep with their local flower delivery.


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