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The Ultimate Way to complete your wedding look

The Ultimate Way to Complete Your Wedding Look!

A bride is never completely ready without a wedding bouquet that perfectly complements her. We understand that the small task of choosing a bouquet can turn out to be extremely overwhelming. Follow these simple 3 steps to find the wedding bouquet of your dreams!

Step 1: Select the Style

As you walk down the aisle, your bouquet will make a powerful statement about you. This is why you must select a style that best suits your personality. Several different types of bouquet styles include:


If you like to keep things simple, the hand-tied bouquet is for you. This classic style consists of a bunch of flowers that are hand-tied using a ribbon. It offers flexibility and room for creativity and change.


This traditional style has flowers arranged in a particular way to give an impression as if these flowers are flowing down the bride’s feet over her hands. Cascade bouquets appear to be extravagant because of their large size. Modern versions of this are referred to as trail bouquets that are smaller but glamorous.

Hoop or Wreath

Hoop bouquets follow a more bohemian theme and are exceedingly trendy in weddings these days. You can pull them off any setting and get them customized according to your needs. If you have an outgoing and joyful personality, this bouquet will make sure it reflects that side of you.


Unlike round bouquets, a Biedermeier bouquet contains circular floral designs that are in different colors. Your florist creates tight circles from the center using a foam cage for structure and then covering the bouquet holder with ribbons. Don’t hesitate to select this style is you are dramatic because no other bouquet will suit you better!


This style is perfect for you if you want a bouquet purely made with flowers. Round bouquets consist of flowers of only one color and have minimal greenery. This style never ceases to be old and will compliment you like conventional things.



Step 2: Choose the Right Flowers

Once you have decided the style for your bouquet, it is time to pick the flowers that go in it. You should reach out to the All Flowered Up Too and seek consultation on which flowers match your wedding dress the best from one of our wedding experts. When choosing the flowers, ask yourself:

·         Does the color look good with the wedding dress?

·         Does the flower compliment the overall flower setting of the event?

·         Is the size of the flower manageable?

·         How is the scent of your chosen flower?

·        Will it look good in the bouquet style that you have selected?

Step 3: Order Your Wedding Bouquet

A wedding bouquet takes more time to be prepared than you think. As soon as you finalize what you want the bouquet to look like, place an order immediately. Keep in mind that the delivery can take up to 14 days or longer depending on special orders.

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