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Valentine's Day 2019

Bring a Smile on Her Face This Valentine’s Day  

Love is ironically one of the hardest yet easiest emotions to express to a loved one, be it through words on a piece of paper, a heartfelt gift, or a meaningful gesture. There are numerous ways you can tell someone you love them. However, on a day as special and much-awaited as Valentine’s Day, this can turn into an equally difficult task.

You not only wish to express your deepest and truest love for your partner on this beautiful day but you also want to make it absolutely memorable and heartwarming for them by doing something that simply brings a smile on her face.

And what other way can you possibly think of to make your loved one’s day special than by sending a huge bouquet of red roses  their way?

Roses are undoubtedly the perfect embodiment of real love that you wish to express to your loved one on Valentine’s Day.

However, other than red roses, there is a vast array of other flower choices, through which you can thank them for being such an important part of your life and making it all the more worth living for.

Red or Pink Tulips

These gorgeous flowers truly symbolize love and new beginnings, making them some of the best flowers to gift your loved one on Valentine’s.

A blood-red tulip is a great way of telling them that the love you two share is just perfect. Bright, pink tulips, on the other hand, also signify true and eternal love, while also marking the beginning of a newly-found love.


As bedazzling and stunning these flowers are, sunflowers make for excellent flower that expresses love and also conveys warmth, adoration, happiness and ever-lasting love. The bright color of this big, yellow flower is surely going to put an equally big smile on your lover’s face and will truly show her how much she means to you.


An orchid represents strength, love, beauty and luxury, making them the most suitable flowers for Valentine’s Day.

They are simply gorgeous, delicate and exotic, and carry a ton of emotional weight that represents your true feelings and emotions to your lover.

There is possibly no other gift better than a bouquet of beautiful orchids to show someone how much they mean to you.


These are a true depiction of fascination as well as true love, and are a bunch of happy blooms that are cheerful and hearty.

Red carnations, in particular, truly represent the love and admiration that you hold for your loved one, making them a Valentine favorite. While they don’t symbolize the strong and passionate kind of love that red roses do, red carnations are more of a subtle and soft expression of love.

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