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What they don't want you to know

Here is what national flower chains don't want you to know....


     Let's start with the fact that national chains have no local address in Lubbock, TX or anywhere in Texas for that matter. So how do they offer local service? That part is simple as they contract through local flower shops like All Flowered Up Too to create and deliver your flowers. So think of the national flower advertisers as the middle men of the flower world. That is exactly what they are to local flower shops.

     National flower chains are considered "wire services" to local flower shops. They were given this name because that is exactly what they are as they collect the orders and then distribute them to the local florist. Some flower shops also refer to these companies as "order gatherers" because they simply gather the orders and pass them on to the local flower shop. So if they don't make any products or flower arrangements what do they do? Simply put, they advertise and distribute.

     Local flower shops such as All Flowered Up Too prepare, create, or design your flower arrangement in Lubbock Texas and provide local flower delivery 7 days a week. When you place an order through our website, call us, or come in person you are dealing directly with the people who will be making your order. When you have specific requests we can handle them without any substitutions or confusion.


     Some people may say "so national chains aren't local, why does it matter to me?" I think the biggest thing is the value dealing with a local shop brings. What do I mean by that? I will now tell you the major difference. Well, for example, let's say you want to purchase a $100 arrangement to send to a friend or loved one. If you place this $100 order with the national chain they find a local flower shop to fill or design and deliver the order. What they don't tell you is nothing in life is free and the same principle applies here. When the national chain sends your order to the local flower shop they send your order, but they only give the local flower shop a percentage of the $100 you paid them. For $100 order they average flower shop will receive $50-60 of your $100 that you paid the national chain. The local florist will "fill to value" which means they will design an arrangement for the amount of money they received in their flower shop. So, the florist will design a stunning arrangement with the $50-60 that they received and you will, in turn, receive a $50-60 arrangement. If you want $100 with of flowers when you spend $100 call, click or visit All Flowered Up Too. We want you to get the most product for your money and get what you pay for, so shop local.

    You ever see those infomercials with their famous line "but wait, there's more?" You got it, this is another thing that is in the fine print you agree to when you purchase from a national chain and that is their substitution policy. National flower order gatherers let local flower shops substitution flowers and containers based on the "same look and feel". After all, they don't know what each flower shop has in stock in their flower coolers or what containers are in stock. This causes you see a lot of "I didn't receive what I ordered" or "what I received looked nothing like what I ordered" complaints on the internet reviews. So if you are looking for something specific when ordering flowers and want to know exactly what is available my advice would be to call All Flowered Up Too to see what is in our large walk in coolers. We can give you up to date availability for flowers and containers so you know exactly what you are going to receive.

     If consumers don't get value and may not get the arrangement they order, then why do people continue to call national chains or order from their website? That part is simple and the answer is branding. These national chains have spent a ton of money on advertising and branding. When someone says tell me the first thing you think of when I say shoes you may say Nike or Under Armour because they have branded their products well. The same principle applies with flowers. Think of the first brand that comes to mind when you think of flowers and chances are you think of one of the national chains. They not only keep some of the money you spend with them, but they also keep your information and don't pass it on to the flower shop so the florist can't contact you directly. They know if the florist has your information and is in contact with you, then you will probably order directly from the local flower shop next time you need flowers. 

     So now you know the ins and outs of the flower ordering business and I hope you have learned something from this blog. Fresh flowers are one thing that you can't buy cheaper on the internet.I hope you now know it is very beneficial to buy your flowers local. If you have questions if a shop is local or not, click on the contact us page or look for an address on the website. When in doubt, call 806-993-0078 or click on and we will be more than happy to provide you with local Lubbock flower delivery.