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Why buy from a local florist?

When searching for flowers in the Lubbock Texas area, it is imporatant to know that, unless you buy from Lubbock TX flower shop  then you are being decieved by an outside company. Let me explain what happens when you search the internet for a Florist  or Lubbock TX flower shops. A bunch of companies come up in your search results and a lot of them are not in the Lubbock Texas area.

So, for example, when you spend $100 on an item and it is not a Lubbock flower shop, then the company you place the order with gives the local flower shop roughly $60.00 to fill your order. So it would make sense to contact the flower shop that delivers in Lubbock to fill your order. When you contact a local flower shop the $100 you spend goes directly to the local flower shop and you receive a better, high quality product for the same amount of money you originally spent. Most consumers are unaware of this and our goal is to educate consumers in this manner.

How do you know who is local and who is not? This part is easy to find out, but it takes a little clicking by the user to find out. Go to the websites contact us link. It should show you the company address. If a search result says "serving the Lubbock area" chances are they are not local.

So next time you are looking for  to meet your needs for:  candy bouquetsEaster flowersbirthday flowers,  congradulationsget well flowersgraduation flowersgiftsholiday flowershomecoming flowershospital flowersmumsplantsprom flowerssympathy flowersthank you flowersThanksgiving flowersthinking of you flowerswedding flowers, or just because flowers make sure you contact a local flower shop to get the most for your hard earned money.

When people buy holiday flowers such as a table centerpiece they are in a hurry and usually pick the first flower shop that pops up in their search. These national companies know this and they spend a lot of money just to be number one. Let's face it, we are all in a hurry and unless you are purchasing flowers for a special occasion such as an aniversary, we tend to take the easy way out and go with what is most convienent for us. When we make rash and quick decisions they typically disappoint us later.

How do we fix this? Everyone will need a florist even if it is just a couple of times a year for events such as: congradulations, anniversaries, Valentines Day, get well flowers, Mothers Day Flowers, funeral flowers, sympathy flowers, and weddings. You will save a lot of time and get the most for your money by finding a local florist to take care of all of your floral needs. When you have time do your research and pick 2 or 3 you may be happy with and save their information.

As always, All Flowered up Too would love to be your number 1 florist. However, we are willing to start at your number 2 or 3 and earn our way to the top.