Edible Cookie Dough

Edible Cookie Dough


Sweet, smooth and all the flavors from home. Our cookie dough is made fresh daily in our kitchen and only the best ingredients are used. There are no eggs in any of our flavors and we heat treat the flour, so you can eat all the dough you want with no worries. With choices like a cup or cone and a variety of toppings, you can create a cookie dough that's all your own! Spoonful offers vegan and gluten free options too so that everyone can be a dough lover.

Brownie Batter
Rich, dark and all the chocolate you need.
Cinnamon and Sugar come together to make a warming treat that feels like home. That's our Snickerdoodle. (v)
Peanut Butter
Buttery and peanuty are just a few words to describe our peanut butter cookie dough
Cookies & Cream
Sweet, creamy and filled with all the Oreo crumble you could ask for. (v)
Mint Chocolate Chip
Rich, cool and refreshing. Min Chocolate Chip hits the spot when you want a delicious peppermint treat.