Our "freshies" are handmade right here on our farm in Fredericksburg, Texas.  If you've never used one before, you're probably thinking, "what in the world is a 'freshie'?"  Well, they're hanging air fresheners that can be used in your car, your locker, your drawers, closet, etc.  We've paired our best-selling signature scents with some fun shapes and Texas icons to help you "freshen" up any space!

Some "guidelines" for using our freshies:

  • These are for smelling, not eating.
  • Don't leave it somewhere it could stain.
  • This can melt in extreme temperatures if you use it as a car air freshener.
  • The fragrance will generally last 45-60 days, but in cooler weather the smell can last longer. 
  • You may get used to the smell but others will still be able to smell them!
  • All air freshies come on an elastic string to easily hang from your rear-view mirror.

100 % Texan- Boot (Leather)

This strong leather fragrance reminds us of the smell of well-oiled saddles in our Papaw’s tack room. Men especially love this fragrance, but we designed it for the “cowboy” in all of us. Giddy up!

All My Ex’s – Longhorn (Spiced Orange)

The spicy scent of cloves wrapped in citrusy orange essence evokes memories of Grandma’s clove-studded oranges spread throughout the house. This freshie has a wonderful orange fragrance that is sure to be a favorite.

Bayou Bliss -Fleur de les (Bird of Paradise)

These tropical flowers are native to South Africa but are now found throughout the tropics. Enjoy this freshie which evokes an evening in the tropics with the heady fragrance of blooming flowers wafting on the breeze.

Enjoy the Bluebonnets – Texas (Bluebonnet)

Think springtime in Texas with miles of bluebonnets blooming along the highways. We've captured the sweet fragrance of the Texas state flower in this freshie. It is a favorite of Texans and non-Texans alike.

Farm Fresh- Cow (Patchouli & Sandalwood)

Nothing compares to the warm, earthy fragrance of patchouli and sandalwood.

Guide my sleigh tonight – Xmas light (Buttery Vanilla)

This freshie reminds us of buttery cake batter being whipped up in Oma’s kitchen, only there is no spoon to lick. If you put this in your kitchen, your guests will be looking for a cake in your oven!

Jesus Take The Wheel – Cross (Sand Currant)

The fragrance of aromatic sandalwood is blended with the sweet-sharp fragrance of currants and then given a hint of citrus to bring it all together. This freshie is sure to please your senses and put you in a relaxed state of mind. Go ahead, take that nap!

Merry Christmas y’all – Xmas Tree (Hill Country Christmas)

The fragrance of a freshly cut Christmas tree. The scents of balsam, fir, and pine bring the outdoors inside and you might get lost in the forest.

Queen of the road – Crown (Sweet Pea)

Remember blooming sweet pea vines climbing a trellis on Grandma’s porch? This freshie captures that light, sweet floral scent perfectly and will transport you to that summertime porch. All that's missing is the swing!

Risen and Rose – Cross (Rosemary Mint)

Rosemary and peppermint to create a crisp, clean scent to be enjoyed by all!

Santa’s Coming to town -  Mitten (Spiced Chestnut)

Close your eyes and picture the first snowflakes falling on the Christmas market, holding your mom’s warm hand as you munch hot chestnuts while in line to take a picture with Santa.

Some Beach Somewhere -Palm Tree (Coconut Lime Verbena)

The scents of sweet coconut and tart citrusy lime combine in this freshie. It reminds us of sitting on a hammock under a palm tree on the beach with a tropical drink in one hand.

Somethin’ Bout a Truck- Truck (America)

Think of the wide-open spaces of the great country. This freshie will remind you of the freshly scrubbed breezes blowing after a summer shower from sea to shining sea--perfect for the 4th of July!

Southern Raised– Mason Jar (Juicy Peach)

The Fredericksburg area is known for its delicious peaches, and this freshie smells just like a freshly picked peach right off of the tree. With its soft peachy color and strong scent, the only thing missing is the peach juice running down your chin. Order an extra for that friend who will try to talk you out of yours!

The Stars at Night – Heart (Home Sweet Home)

The scents of cinnamon and vanilla with hints of other spices come together in this freshie. This fragrance will add a delightful homey ambiance and is sure to make your guests ask, “What smells so good?”

Toes in the sand -Flip Flop (summer surf and sand)

Texas has great beaches in Galveston and South Padre Island along its 367-mile Gulf of Mexico coastline. Bring that feeling home with our Summer Surf and Sand Freshie. 

White Christmas – Snowflake (Peppercorn & Ginger)

If December 1st finds you hanging wreaths, mulling wine, and planning menus weeks in advance, this is the fragrance for you. Complex and sophisticated enough to stand out from the crowd, but with classic notes of cinnamon, clove, and cashmere that evoke the most wonderful time of the year.

You are my sunshine – Sunflower (Sunflower)