Mesquite Barbeque Rub

Mesquite Barbeque Rub

Introducing our Premium Sweet and Smoky Blend, expertly crafted with a combination of high-quality ingredients such as sugar, paprika, chile pepper, garlic, and onion. This blend offers a complex and irresistible taste that is sure to elevate any dish. Designed with culinary professionals in mind, our blend delivers both convenience and bold flavors, making it the perfect addition to various food service settings.

Mesquite seasoning, derived from the dried and ground pods of the mesquite tree, is renowned for its smoky taste. This bold flavor profile makes it a popular choice for seasoning meat, vegetables, and other foods before barbecuing. The earthy and classic smoky dryness of mesquite is balanced by a subtle, warm sweetness, reminiscent of crisp bacon or classic jerky.

Mesquite trees thrive in the hot and arid climate of the southwestern United States, where they have been used for both fuel and food by indigenous Americans for centuries. Mesquite BBQ, in particular, is known for its distinctive flavor, achieved by cooking over a fire using mesquite wood. With over 40 different types of mesquite trees, this desert tree produces delicious beans and flowers that attract bees.

As resourceful individuals, those in the desert and Southwest regions have learned to use what they have to cook, including the mesquite tree. This tree imparts a unique and unforgettable flavor to meat, now commonly referred to as mesquite BBQ.