Mini Tarts

Mini Tarts
Candle Scent

Lubbock Circle E Candles are known for their smooth and creamy texture, which is achieved through a meticulous hand-pouring process that prevents the unsightly mottled appearance often found in other candles. This is due to the presence of fractures in the wax caused by trapped air during cooling, which can also negatively impact the strength of the scent. To counteract this, we add a special ingredient that eliminates mottling altogether. In addition, we use only premium wax blends and lead-free wicks for a cleaner and longer-lasting burn. The hand-pouring technique also results in a higher fragrance level that is consistently maintained until the very end of the candle's life.

To achieve optimal results when burning your candle, ensure that the wick is trimmed to 1/4 inch and allow the wax pool to extend to the outside rim before extinguishing the flame. As wax has a "memory," subsequent burnings will cause the candle to melt out to the edge and burn evenly. Some of our candles are designed to rest on their lids while burning, and they should always be placed on heat and stain resistant surfaces. In the event that the glass becomes chipped or broken, do not continue to burn the candle. Before relighting, make sure to remove any foreign objects from the jar. It is not advisable to extinguish the flame by placing the lid on a burning candle, and do not continue to burn when the wax content is less than 1/2 inch from the bottom of the container. Never leave a burning candle unattended, and it is important to note that the seller and/or manufacturer is not responsible for misuse. So, relax and create a special mood as you enjoy the candle.

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