Paprika, Smoked Spanish

Paprika, Smoked Spanish

Pimenton de la Vera dulce, also known as sweet smoked paprika, is a variety of red ripened peppers that are smoked over oak fires, deseeded, and stone ground in Spain's de la Vera region. This spice adds a delightful smoky flavor to any dish, particularly potatoes, eggs, and soups. 

For optimal use, smoked paprika pairs well with meat or roasted vegetables. It can be used to create a meat rub with other ground spices for a delicious barbecue. It is also a primary ingredient in paella and chorizo sausages, similar to Hungarian paprika. 

Unlike other spices, paprika can be generously sprinkled over food without overpowering other flavors or adding too much spice. It is a versatile garnish for a variety of dishes, including deviled eggs. 

Paprika originated from dried chilli peppers of the Capsicum annuum variety, which were originally cultivated in the Americas. It was introduced to Spain in the late 15th century by Christopher Columbus and other explorers who brought back the seeds. 

Spanish paprika, also known as Pimentón de la Vera, hails from the La Vera district in Western Spain. This region is renowned for drying and smoking red peppers over an oak fire before grinding them into a fine powder.